Successful second Tasting Evening – 20 Feb 2013

Amiable Kay with her gorgeous family attended as a party of 12

Amiable Kay with her gorgeous family attended as a party of 12

Do you know what folk? I’m getting a buzz out of doing these evenings now! Following the immense success of the previous evening last month, I organised this one, albeit with some¬†skepticism; it proved to be even better!

Whereas we had almost all tables of two on the previous event, this time there were three, fours and even a party of 12 – for a family get together – by Kay who attended as a couple previously! It just depicts that people’s trepidation regarding the food and how it may taste is fading away! Fantastic, just means that I am being successful in introducing the food to an ever wider audience! Addicting!

I love it when people ask questions about the food and are interested to find out how it is prepared. The lamb was yet again a favourite, this time. Some guests inquired about my cookery classes again last night and I am delighted to announce that I shall be recommencing them in near future.

Even I was asked to join in the photographs this time!

I am so grateful to all who attended last night and look forward to seeing you in not too distant future.  As much as I would love to announce the date for next event, I am having to defer it until I return from my first holiday in nearly four years!

Thank you very much, everyone, for the unconditional support! What would I be without you all!


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