Welcome to The Old Hall Restaurant in Dorrington near Shrewsbury:

Curry Chef Winner LogoWinner of “Chef of year 2016 Midlands and England – English Curry Awards”

Shrewsbury Restaurants are becoming renowned for their diverse cuisine. Old Hall Persian Influenced Restaurant is considered to be amongst the best restaurants in Shropshire.

I am delighted to announce that I was voted the Best Curry Chef in the Midlands as well as England for 2016 – thank you everyone for your continued support and your kind words. Read all about my Curry Chef Competition experience here.

Through time, Persian cuisine has grown and influenced the culinary mores of the Middle East, Central Asia and India.

Persian cooking is renowned for its elaborate rice dishes, delicious kababs, nourishing soups and hearty stews.  Persians delicately flavour their food with herbs, spices and dried fruits.  A variety of nan-like impressive flat breads supplement rice.  Pomegranates and dates provide a sweet finish to meals.

My cooking, though not purely Iranian, is dominated by simplicity and yet the results are amazing; to look at, to smell and to taste!  It is full of pleasant surprises!

Fusion of Persian and South Asian Cuisine is my speciality. Please note that here at Old Hall we are NOT an Iranian Restaurant anymore! Our food is totally unique to us and does not belong to any mainstream cuisine.

WINNER: Chef of the Year 2016 England – English Curry Awards. Chef of the Year 2016 Midlands – English Curry Awards. Shropshire Curry Chef of the Year 2013

UK Award finalists:

United Kingdom South Asian Chef of the Year 2011 and 2012

Shropshire Curry Chef of the Year 2013

Shropshire Curry Chef of the Year 2011 and 2012.

Andy Richardson, an esteemed food critic from Shropshire wrote about me:

Dr Lal Haider is a Shropshire surgeon who has such a love, passion and desire for food that he swaps his doctor’s coat for chef’s whites in the evenings and on weekends! Over recent years, he has become renewed for his unique slant on Persian Cuisine, influenced by more Western Palates, but still with a definitive nod to his Persian roots.

In the contemporary years Dr Lal has been as accredited as a chef, as he is a doctor.

“Seen on Masterchef Live Challenge 2011, on 19 Jun 2011 at the BBC Good Food Show in NEC Birmingham”

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