Ghormeh Sabzi

Ghormeh sabzi is a Persian herb stew. It is a popular dish in current day Iran, Iraq, and Azerbaijan; traditional and very popular, served when family members return home after being away. Ghormeh means stewed and sabzi literally means greens, which is herbs in … Continue reading


Also called Khoresht-e-Fesenjan, this is a special occasion Persian food.   Traditionally, it is made with duck or pheasant in the province of Gilan in north of the country along the Caspian Sea, the swamps being a nesting place for these wild birds.  It is … Continue reading

Joojeh Dum Kardeh (Steamed Chicken Leg and Thigh)

Steamed spicy chicken, very easily prepared with saffron, olive oil, salt and pepper
How I do it at Dorrington Old Hall Restaurant! Continue reading


Khoresht in Persian cuisine refers to a variety of colorful and tasteful stews, which are typically served with Pollo (steamed basmati rice). There are some similarities between Persian and Indian cuisine stews; however Iranians generally use less spice. Although preparing Persian stews is … Continue reading