Dr Lal Haider is a former Shropshire surgeon who swopped his doctor’s coat for chef’s whites and in recent years has become renowned for his unique slant on Persian Cuisine, influenced by more Western Palates, but still with a definitive nod to his Persian/Iranian roots. 

Self taught Chef Lal cooks from the heart – learning how to cook from his mother whilst studying for his medical degree. Since moving to Britain and becoming a highly qualified Doctor, he always had the passion to cook – This was realised in 2009 when he acquired the Country Friends Restaurant in Dorrington.


“There are not many people in life who get to do the thing they love for a living, and cooking has always been my passion.  I am very enthusiastic about Persian cuisine and it’s been great fun these past few years to bring those flavours to Shropshire.”

“My cooking is dominated by simplicity and yet the results are amazing; to look at, to smell and to taste! It is full of pleasant surprises!”

In recent years Dr Lal has been as accredited as a chef, as he was a doctor.


Persian Restaurant of the Year 2019, Midlands.
Chef of the Year 2016 England – English Curry Awards.
Chef of the Year 2016 Midlands – English Curry Awards.
Shropshire Curry Chef of the Year 2013

UK Award finalists:

United Kingdom South Asian Chef of the Year 2011 and 2012
Shropshire Curry Chef of the Year 2013
Shropshire Curry Chef of the Year 2011 and 2012.