Enjoy Our Culinary Selection

Enjoy our Culinary Selection on selected evenings and Sundays from 12-4pm with a selection of the following dishes:

Fesenjan (chicken) ‘GF’

Fesenjan, also known as khoresht-e fesenjan, is special occasion Persian food.Traditionally, it was made with duck or pheasant, in the north, in the province of Gilan (its swamps being the nesting place for the wild ducks, along the Caspian Sea).  I have done this with chicken!  Once you taste it, you will dream about it at night!

A thick and naturally sweet and sour dish cooked with pomegranate juice, tomatoes, onions, walnuts and flaked almonds.  The almonds are another one of my personal touches to this great dish!

Not only is this my favorite Persian dish, but it will soon become yours, too! Simply delicious!

Kabab-e-Kobeideh (chicken) ‘GF’

Kabab have been a staple tradition in Iran since before it was Persia.Persian Kabab should come with a warning sign as “it is addicting”.  Persian gatherings will almost always have an assortment of kababs.

Kobeideh literally means ground.  These are kababs made with ground/minced chicken, salt and pepper, crushed coriander seeds and few chilli flakes (so faint hearted beware!) served on a bed of fried onions.

Described as mouth-watering!

Gosht-e-Akbari (lamb) ‘GF’

A rich and spicy lamb curry that apparently dates back to the late 1560’s,during the reign of Akbar the Great (one of the Moughal rulers).  Moughals transferred the Persian literature and culture to India, thus forming the base for the Indo-Persian culture; hence the North Indian connection with my restaurant!

Cubes of lamb are cooked until tender and succulent in onions, garlic, ginger, cumin, cardamom, cloves, corriander powder and salt to taste.

An absolute delight for meat eaters!

Chickpeas and potatoe ‘GF’

My North Indian selection: Fairly spicy, this very special vegetarian dish is simply deliciousand unlike anything you might have tried before.  Cooked with just onions, garlic, whole grain mustard, fenugreek, cracked pepper and salt, it tastes scrumptious!

Ghormeh Sabzi’V’ ‘GF’

Also written and pronounced Qormeh Sabzi, this is the latest addition to my menu.  It is a traditional and very popular Persian dish, served when family members return home after being away.

It is deliciously savoury and loaded with the flavours of several different green herbs. I have omited the meat and have used Rose coco beans (peas is my addition!), spinach, onions, fenugreek, parsley and sun dried limes!  It is traditionally served atop Pollo (rice), but very pleasant and very comforting with nan, too.

A must try one!

Khoresht Gheimeh (Lentils) ‘V’ ‘GF’

Lentils have finally shaken their image as a fattening “poor man’s” legume and have even become somewhat glam!  Khoresht is a Persian stew – usually with a meat and lentils.  Again, I have left the meat out of this dish in order to make it extremely versatile but still very delectable, indeed.

Yellow split peas are cooked with onions, tomatoes, sun dried limes and fresh lime juice giving it the lip-smacking quality!

Non vegetarians; Do not thrust aside this dish!

Joojeh ‘GF’

Joojeh means small chicken.  I use the leg and thigh meat and butterfly it open, after removing the bone.  Thereafter I marinade it in grated onions, oil, salt and pepper with a few chili flakes as well as some cumin and leave it overnight.

I have chosen to steam the joojeh, rather than roast or grill it.  This gives it a lovely texture and it quite literally melts in the mouth.

To find out how to make this dish, please check out the recipe page: http://www.oldhallpersian.co.uk/Recipe/.  I’m sure that you’ll make it as good as me!!!

Cauliflower, carrot, ‘Dorrington grown potatoes’ and aubergines ‘V’ ‘GF’

Probably not so Persian, this has been a very popular dish since its introduction, on my menu.   It is cooked with onions, ginger and salt to taste, garnished with fresh ginger julienne.

Pollo (Rice) ‘V’ ‘GF’

Prepared for the evening. Literally meaning vegetable and white rice.  Aromatic Basmati rice steamed with veg and fruit like grapes, sultanas, plums and even apples and pineapples.

Onions, mushrooms, cabbage and tomatoes ‘V’ ‘GF’

And whatever I find on the the day; all thrown in and heated with a bit of oil, salt and pepper, rather than fried.  Again plainly basic but flavoursome.

Cous cous ‘V’

Who says cous cous is bland?  Come and try ours, flavoured with mixed vegetables, bean sprouts, and fruit/olives.  You’ll never say again that cous cous tastes of nothing!

Mahi-e-Biryaan (fish) AVAILABLE AS GF ON REQUEST

One of my few signature dishes, in Persian means fried fish.River cobbler (a fresh water fish with a moist and meaty texture), seasoned and marinaded in salt, Carum seeds, lemon juice, pepper – both black and red, in a light tempura like batter. Moist, luscious and plainly delicious!  A must try one!

Cold Joojeh Kabab (seasonal)

Same as the hot dish, but sliced and served with mixed salad and olives.  Cool for summery day!

Naan-e Barbarri

Freshly baked in our clay oven. A type of Persian Flat bread.  Barbari means “of or related to Barbars” in Persian.  Barbars are the Hazaras, a group of people living in Afghanistan near eastern borders of Iran. Apparently, this bread was baked by the Barbar people and was brought to Tehran in the early 1800’s.

The dough mix is made with just flour, water and a bit of salt.  Can either be round or oval.  Light, fluffy and full of flavour, it is slapped onto the hot wall of the clay oven where it sticks until baked fully.

Salad Oliveih ‘GF’

Apparently comes from the very north of when it was Great Persia that included Armenia and Azerbaijan; hence the alternative name Russian Salad.  I still call it by its real name – Salad Oliveih.

Cold chicken with apple, pineapple, carrots, white cabbage, boiled potatoes and eggs, all folded in our mayonnaise and a touch of cream. No spice but still yummy!

Turshi ‘V’ ‘GF’

Pickled Persian Vegetables.  



Diced cucumber with grated fresh ginger, salt and parsley; folded in yogurt.

Bracing, to say the least!

Specially seasoned olives ‘V’ GF’

with onions, tomatoes, lemon juice, cumin and extra virgin olive oil – an ideal appetizer

Mast-o-bademjan ‘V’ ‘GF’

Aubergines baked in clay oven, cooled down and finely chopped, then rubbed in salt and garlic.  Afterwards folded into yogurt and garnished with cumin.


  • Sheer Birinj 

Rice, carrots, plain whole milk and honey. A warming dish!

  • Sheer Khurma

Another sweet dish imported by the Moughals.  Persian word for Mongol is “Mughal,” from which we get the English word, “mogul,” meaning “tycoon”.  Traditionally, this dish is served in the Indian Subcontinent on the special occasion of Eid, twice a year.  It is here for you enjoy when ever you would like to!

Made with vermicelli, plain whole milk, honey/sugar. sultanas, dates and floral extracts.  Divine!

  • Halva
  • Semolina (purified wheat middlings of durum wheat), cooked in butter, oil, sugar, aniseeds, raisins, peanuts, coconut shavings and rose water

All delicately sweetened and aromatic.

  • Faloodeh (seasonal)

Available on a warmer days of the year.  Chilled sweet noodles, yes noodles – believe it or not!  Prepared with honey, rose water and rose syrup. Cool and refreshing!

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