Enjoy an intimate Feast of Saint Valentine at the Old Hall

Bring your beloved to the Old Hall on this very romantic day of the year! Just as we have done over the previous four years, we are offering our ‘Tastes of the EastAntique_Valentine_1909_01 Banquet’ on Valentine’s Day 2014. What a better way to spend the evening with your Valentine, in style?

We aim to provide good food with eclectic taste, as we would on any other day of the year, in an intimate warm atmosphere, with candles all around and an attentive service – yet low key!

Our dining room is a quiet candle-lit haven, away from the everyday world. Outstanding food, which appeals to all tastes: ‘different’, but not too spicy or strange.

We do not believe in charging extortionate prices, so for just £17.95 savour the three courses! Ring: 01743 719 100 or fill in the contact form. Places are limited, as all tables of 4 are converted into two!

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